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Note: this project is currently undergoing a refactor. Most of the modules should still work, but they are in varying stages of redesign. Over the next few months, all the designs, documentation, and website should see a big improvement. Feel free to take a look at the desigs if you are interested, but you will probably have a better experience if you wait a few months to start building.

This project is an attempt to make Eurorack modular syntehsis affordable and accessable to everyone.

This repository contains open source software and hardware schematics for Eurorack modules which are designed to be assembled easily and cheaply without any technical knowledge. Every module should be able to be assembled for around $20 in about an hour of work.

To get started, check out some of the links below.

Happy travels on your modular journey!

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An 8-channel clock source with adjustable pulse width, phase shift, and swing


A 5-channel active mixer for audio or CV. Can be daisy-chained together for larger mixes


The Random Number Generator -- A module for creating semi-looping, randomized CV and gates. Inspired by the Turning Machine


A utility module to scale, shift, and invert signals

Coming soon...
Coming soon...